Mandatory Bicycle Registration


Texas A&M Transportation Services requires all bicycles on campus to be registered and show proof of registration by displaying a permit to avoid enforcement action. Mandatory bike registration includes a required $10 dollar fee applied to each bike registered.

Registering your bike and placing the registration sticker on your bike helps deter bike theft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is critical for planning and communication purposes that Transportation Services have a complete and accurate database of bicycles and bicycle ownership on campus, which our new registration and permit system will help provide.

We would like to more efficiently communicate with the entire campus bicycle community, and the best way to do that is to have contact information of bicycle owners. This allows us to proactively reach out to bicyclists who might be impacted by an event on campus, such as construction. We will be able to scan the bicycle permit and send specific information to those who will be impacted.

Throughout the year, Transportation Services is asked to cut locks for bicycle owners when the lock fails to unlock for one reason or another. Proof of ownership is required before the lock can be cut. If a bike is registered, this is an easy process. If it is not registered, proof of ownership may prove more difficult for the bicycle owner.

There are instances of bike theft on campus, and the local and university police would also benefit from a more complete database of bicycle information, and one that includes serial numbers. This allows law enforcement to more easily identify owners of property allowing them to prosecute for theft. If a victim cannot be identified, there is no proof of theft.

As of November 18, 2017, there is a $10, one-time registration fee per bike, which is due at the time of registration. No annual registration is required.

The bike program has grown considerably over the past several years to include many services, the majority of which are free of charge to students, such as:

Yet, the bike program has never had a dedicated source of funding. The $10 registration fee will not completely cover the cost of the bike program, however it will help to ensure it can continue for years to come.

  • Bike owners must login to the My Account portal at and select Bike Registration under the My Bikes header. The registrant will be prompted to fill out corresponding bike information, including make/brand, bike style, bike color and serial number. In addition, there is an opportunity to include photos of the bike being registered to use in the event of theft recovery or proof of ownership.
  • After registering a bike permit will be mailed to the address listed in the registration form. The registrant is required to place this permit on the registered bike as proof of registration.
  • All bikes without the proper placement of a bike permit will be subject to enforcement action by Transportation Services.

We ask our visitors to abide by the bicycle rules mandated by the state and the regulations for our campus. At this time, we are not requiring registration for non-affiliated visitors parking bikes on campus.

As of November 18, 2017, bike registration is mandatory for all students, faculty and staff that plan to ride their bike on campus.

Mandatory bike registration can be completed by logging into the My Account portal select Bike Registration under the My Bikes header.

As soon as the decision to bring a bike on campus is made. All bicyclists must comply with the mandatory requirement to avoid enforcement.

Your bike may be impounded. In order to get your bike released, you will first need to register your bike and obtain your permit. Then, email the Sustainable Transportation office at and schedule an appointment to visit the impound. You will need to bring your permit to the impound, and we will help you apply it to your bike. There is no charge associated with retrieving a bicycle from the impound.