Slow Moving Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

Slow Moving Vehicle Regulations 

How do I purchase a SMV?

Contact Fleet Services at 979.845.5846 or to inquire about purchasing SMVs. All SMVs are required to meet certain criteria in order to operate on campus. Regardless of method of acquisition, departments must register the SMV with Transportation Services once it is received.

Request to Register SMV

Does our Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) require university branding?

All vehicles that operate in an official capacity at Texas A&M University require approved branding. Contact Fleet Services at 979.845.5846 or to inquire about state requirements for branding and for procedures on applying university markings to SMVs.

SMV Branding

How do I register a cart I currently own?

If your SMV doesn’t already have one, contact Fleet Services at 979.845.5846 or to obtain a 4 digit Texas A&M University vehicle number. At this time they can also do an inspection to make sure your cart meets the minimum requirements. Then ask your Departmental Parking Representative (DPR) to register your cart via the DPR website using the 4 digit number. No additional permit is required.

Who do I call to retrofit a cart I currently own with the required safety equipment?

Fleet Services or any reputable golf cart service center can retrofit your cart with the SMV safety equipment required by the University SAP.

SMV Safety Checklist

I am renting a cart for temporary use on campus. Do I need to register the cart?

Yes, make sure the cart you rent meets the requirements of the SAP. Have your Departmental Parking Representative register your cart via the online DPR website using the serial number. After registered, contact Transportation Services located at Polo Rd. Building, Suite 350 to receive a temporary permit.

Can I get a hands-free device for my cart to access the gates on campus?

Yes, as part of the SMV registration process you can request gate access. Once your SMV is registered, access will begranted, and a hands-free device will be issued and attached to your cart.

Can anyone drive a cart on campus?

When a SMV is driven for the purpose of official university business, anyone may drive it. Online training must be completed by all drivers.

Required Training