Public Moblility Programs on Campus

In keeping with the President’s delegated responsibility to Transportation Services to coordinate the bike registration and parking program, Transportation Services requires an official agreement for any vendors seeking to offer services such as bike-sharing, ride-sharing, and alternative forms of transportation of any kind. All requests to enter the campus and offer such services must be approved by Transportation Services.

Please contact for inquires related to public mobility programs or devices on the Texas A&M campus.

While the use of such alternative forms of transportation is encouraged and implied in the goals of the Campus Master Plan, Transportation Services must balance the goal of increasing alternative forms of transportation/mobility across the entire campus, while maintaining all current right-of-way rules and uses of streets and sidewalks to ensure and regulate safe transportation options for students, staff, faculty, and guests. Therefore, the department must approve and regulate the placement and proliferation of bicycles and other alternative forms of transportation throughout the campus in a manner that ensures the public health, safety and welfare of the university’s students, staff, faculty, and visitors.