Returns, Cancellations & Exchanges

I will only need my permit for half the year. Can I get a refund?

If you need to park on campus only for a portion of the year you may return your permit any time before July 18, 2021 for a prorated refund.
NOTE: If you return your permit, you lose your priority as a current permit holder. See Assignment Process

I no longer want my permit but my friend does. Can I just sell it to him/her?

No, parking permits are valid only if purchased from Transportation Services and any citations issued with your permit displayed are your responsibility, regardless of who was driving or who owns the vehicle. If you no longer want or need your permit, return it to 108 Koldus for a prorated refund.

How do I cancel the permit I ordered for 2020-21? How can I get a refund?

During registration (April 8-July 8, 2020): log in and click cancel. This will cancel your permit request and you will not be charged.

After registration closes on July 8, return your permit to Transportation Services by:

  1. Dropping it in the drop box to the right of the door at 108 Koldus
  2. Returning it to a cashier located in 108 Koldus
  3. Mailing it to:
    Texas A&M University
    Transportation Services
    1250 TAMU
    College Station, TX 77843-1250

Permits returned after August 28, 2020, will receive a prorated refund.

What happens to my permit registration if I return my permit?

You will lose your status as a current permit holder. If you return your permit after completing permit registration you will be considered a NEW customer in the Assignment Process and will lose the guaranteed RENEWAL of your parking permit.

I canceled or returned my permit but have decided that I really still want it. What can I do?

Unfortunately, once a permit is returned or canceled, it is offered to the next customer on the wait list and is no longer available to you. You can add yourself to the available wait list of your choice by logging into My Account.

What happens if I purchase or exchange permits after the registration period begins?

If you purchase or exchange your permit during registration, April 8-July 8, 2020, the cashier will cancel your previous registration request, if applicable, then request to renew the new permit.