Special Parking Regulations

Break Parking

During designated breaks (not summer), all permits, including Night permits are valid all day in the areas highlighted on the Break & Summer Parking Map.

Summer Parking

Permits are valid in the areas highlighted on the map. Night permits are NOT valid for day summer parking. See the Break & Summer Parking Map.

Summer Only Permit

Customers who do not currently have a permit but want to park for the summer should purchase a lot 100 permit and park according to the Break & Summer Parking Map. Permit prices are prorated on a weekly basis. We recommend purchasing the permit about a week before you need it to get the best price and still allow time for shipping. Permits must be purchased online.

Night & Weekend Parking

Night and weekend parking is available 5 pm to 6 am for valid permit holders in unrestricted/unnumbered spaces in most lots except lots 30, 40, 72, 99 and 122. Night and weekend parking at West Campus Garage begins at 4pm.

No permit is required in unrestricted or plain marked spaces on Saturday, Sunday, or days when the University is officially closed. Exceptions include Lot 30, 40, 72, 99, 122, the golf lot, special event parking and athletic events. Notifications are posted at the entrance to the lot(s) affected during these events.

The night privilege hours are strictly enforced. Parking Permits are required during the hours that night privileges are in effect.

Night/weekend privileges do NOT extend to areas such as (please review Night & Weekend Parking Map for all-inclusive details):

  • Handicap parking spaces, access aisles and ramps
  • Numbered spaces
  • Timed parking spaces
  • University business or service spaces
  • Marked "No Parking" or Fire Zones
  • Lot 30, 40, 72, 99 and 122
  • Loading zones or loading docks
  • Lot 27 - Beutel Health Center
  • Lot 34 south of Duncan Dining Hall
  • Lot 41 Presidential Library and Museum
  • Golf Lot until after 8:00 pm
  • Lot 100 between 2 am and 5 am
  • Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle spaces only

Unauthorized vehicles parked in the above referenced areas may be cited or relocated at the owner's expense.

More Parking Resources

Visitor Parking

If you don't park on campus often, use the paid visitor parking areas on campus. Rates are reduced in the evenings.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Learn about Texas A&M's multiple electric vehicle charging stations on main campus and RELLIS campus.

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