Faculty & Staff Parking

I have a permit for a numbered space in the garage and when I register for parking, I see three choices to renew my permit. What is the difference?

Faculty and staff have the option to pay $835 for a permit for a numbered space in the first floor priority bay, pay $725 for a permit for a numbered space on an upper level, or pay $530 for a permit for an unnumbered space. Unnumbered spaces are located above the visitor levels beyond the second level gates. Polo Rd. Garage is classified as a premium garage and can be purchased for $630.

If I choose to remain in a numbered space in the garage, will I be assured that I will have the same space number?

If there is a need to consolidate any spaces within a facility, there is a possibility that a new space could be assigned. However, in most cases, you will be assigned the same space number.

If I choose to park in an unnumbered space, on which levels will I be able to park?

Unnumbered spaces begin on the 3rd level of the garages. There are numbered spaces on the 3rd level as well, so make sure you are not parking in a space with a number painted on the curb at the front of the space and white band at the back of the space. Gene Stallings Blvd. Garage, Central Campus Garage, Polo Rd. Garage, Southside Garage and West Campus Garage do not have numbered spaces.

My parking registration screen allows me to choose to park in the priority bay (1st level) in the garages. I thought this was only available to top level administrators. Am I eligible to request priority bay parking?

Yes. Should priority bay parking become available and there are no executive level requests, we will fill the spaces from the wait list.

What happens if I am still on a 2019-20 wait list when registration for 2020-21 opens?

All wait lists start fresh each permit year. Customers must add their choice(s) to their wait list(s) for their desired lot or garage annually during registration. Priority is determined according to the Assignment Process.