Automatic Payroll Deduction

Budgeted faculty or staff members who are employed by the Texas A&M University System have the option of paying the fees for their parking permit through payroll deduction. The payroll deduction is strictly voluntary and applies only to permits with an annual cost of $100.00 or more.

What is Automatic Payroll Deduction?

By enrolling in Automatic Payroll Deduction (APD), you authorize the System Payroll Office to deduct a proportionate amount of money from your biweekly or monthly paycheck for the cost of your parking permit. There is no additional charge or handling fee for this option, and there is no down payment. Faculty and staff who do not choose the payroll deduction option may still purchase their parking permits in a lump sum payment using cash, check, or credit card.

How and when will the money be deducted?

Parking permit payments will be deducted according to the person’s employment status and their type of permit. Twelve month employees are only afforded the twelve-month deduction option. Employees who work and are paid for a period of less than twelve months, but at least equal to nine months, are afforded the nine-month option only. Salaried employees will have the deduction monthly, employees paid biweekly will have the deduction taken from the first two checks each month. If there are insufficient funds in the employee’s check to cover the parking payroll deduction, subsequent deductions will be increased to pay the amount owed. Lot Rates

What if I don’t want the permit anymore?

Faculty and staff who purchase a parking permit assume the debt equal to the cost of the parking permit. If you leave a department, regardless of whether you are leaving the University or transferring to another department, you must return your permit to Transportation Services to receive a credit to your account. If a refund is due, Financial Management Services will issue a check.

Can I stop the deductions?

There are only two ways to stop the deduction: (1) make full payment of the permit to Transportation Services or (2) terminate employment with the University. If the employee terminates and does not return or pay for the permit, the permit will be invalidated and added to our impound list.

How do I sign up for payroll deduction?

During the annual permit registration process, automatic deduction will be offered to customers who are eligible. Eligible customers who want to pay using payroll deduction to purchase a permit after permit registration has closed should choose that option during the online purchase or notify a cashier at Polo Rd. Building, Suite 350 if purchasing the permit in person.