Basketball Parking

Men's Basketball

Pre-pay basketball parking NOW AVAILABLE. Reserve your parking for basketball now, and know you'll have a space waiting for you! Visit the Parkmobile page for information on event parking reservations.

Reserve parking  

  • Season pre-paid parking permit holders may park at Reed Arena in Lots 100a, b, c, e, f, g.
  • Accessible parking available in Lot 102 and a portion of Lot 100g for $5 CASH ONLY. Placards will be checked at lot entrances.
  • General Basketball parking is available in Lots 61, 97, 100j (and 100a-c, e, f, g in limited quantities) for $5 CASH ONLY. Correct change is appreciated and helps traffic flow.
  • TAMU and retiree permit holders may park in Lots 100a–c and e–g (in limited quantites), and 61, 97 and 100j for free with their valid Texas A&M permit beginning 2.5 hours pre-game.

 Parking Map  Men's Schedule

Please consult the traffic plan maps below for faster travel times to and from games and be sure to park in the available lot closest to your desired exit route.

Pre-game routes: getting to basketball

Post-game routes: leaving basketball

Several bus routes are rerouted during men's basketball games.

Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball parking is free on days when there is not a baseball or men's basketball game.

  • General parking available in Reed Arena Lots 100a, b, c, e, f, g for free.
  • Accessible parking available in Lot 102 and a portion of Lot 100g for free.
 Parking Map  Women's Schedule