Reserved & Restricted Parking Areas

Parking spaces on campus designated for a specific purpose or populations are restricted by the nature of the label either painted on the parking lot surface, curb, or by a posted sign. Designated spaces include the following:

Reserved Number Spaces

Individuals authorized for reserved numbered spaces in surface lots and parking garages should display the appropriate permit reflecting the parking assignment at all times. Unauthorized or unpermitted vehicles may be cited, booted or relocated at the vehicle owner's expense.

Reserved numbered space holders should be aware that at certain times their space may not be reserved. These times include, but are not limited to, days when special events bring large numbers of visitors to campus such as home football games, graduation, move-in/move-out, Parents Weekend, as well as times when Transportation Services parking staff is not on duty. There is no proration for the reserved numbered space permit for these exceptions.

Reserved numbered parking spaces are for automobiles only. Trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds or scooters are not authorized to park in surface or garage reserved numbered parking spaces.

University Business Spaces

University Business Spaces are provided to assist university affiliates who need to park on-campus while conducting official university business and may not be used while conducting personal business or attending university classes. Business permits, Campus permits and government exempt license plates authorize parking in business spaces and business lots.

Business permits are not valid in visitor parking areas. Proceed past gates, visitor spaces and any reserved numbered spaces to any unnumbered and unmarked space on the upper levels.

  • Business permits can be purchased by departments and may be provided to employees who need to move across campus to conduct official university business. Business permits must be used in conjunction with a valid Texas A&M University parking permit.
  • Campus permits can be purchased by university affiliates who do not have an on-campus office, but need to park on-campus while conducting official university business.
  • State vehicles marked with the Texas A&M University seal and four-digit vehicle number or State or Federal exempt license plates are authorized to park in business spaces and business lots while conducting official university business.

Texas A&M seal on state vehicles

University Business Parking Map

Service Spaces

Service spaces are intended for service vehicles with Service permits.

service permits

Service Parking Map

Timed Spaces

Timed spaces or areas are located around campus where persons need close access to facilities for a short period of time. Timed zones do not require a Texas A&M University parking permit, except Lot 104. Timed spaces are strictly enforced to insure they are available for use as intended. The timed spaces are enforced as timed spaces 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and they are not included in night parking privileges.

Timed Parking Map

Loading Zones & Docks

Loading zones/docks are intended for the delivery of bulky items that cannot be carried long distances and for vehicles with service overlays. The operator of a vehicle making deliveries must be actively loading or unloading the vehicle with the flashers engaged, and they may not be parked in the loading zone for longer than 15 minutes. When loading/unloading is completed, the vehicle must be relocated to the assigned lot. Night Privileges do not extend to loading docks. If the loading/unloading activity will take longer than 15 minutes, please contact Transportation Services dispatch for assistance, (979) 845-0057.

Loading Zone Parking Map

Health Center Parking

Lot 27, next to the Beutel Health Center, is reserved for one-hour parking for patients who have appointments in the facility. Night privileges are not extended to this lot. Violators may be cited and removed at the vehicle owner's expense.

Lot 27 Parking Map

Golf Course Parking

The golf lot is reserved for golf patrons and disabled. Golfers must display a golf lot parking permit with an attached cash register receipt from the pro shop, which should be displayed on the dash of the vehicle. Disabled parkers must display handicap placard and a valid Texas A&M permit.

Visitor parking is permitted in the lot except on days when signage is posted signifying there is a golf event.

Golf lot parking hours for those with permits are as follows:

  • 6am–8pm: golf patrons only
  • 8pm–6am: any valid Texas A&M permit

At all times, unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Golf Lot Parking Map

RV Spaces

Recreational vehicles parked in the designated RV lots are required to display an RV parking permit which is obtained from the Transportation Services office. Texas A&M University parking permits intended for passenger vehicles are not acceptable. Recreational vehicles may not be stored on campus while they are not in use. Permits must be purchased for recreational vehicles that are pulled by a passenger vehicle. See our RV page for more information.

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