Transit Frequently Asked Questions

When will my bus arrive?

View real-time bus locations online on our Bus Routes app.

Do I need a Bus Pass to ride the bus?

Students, faculty, and staff possessing a Texas A&M University or Blinn College ID, and members of the general public possessing a Brazos Transit District ID may ride both on- and off-campus bus routes. All riders should be prepared to show their ID to the driver when boarding. Individuals without an ID will be allowed to ride, but will be provided information on how to obtain an ID. How to Ride Guide

Do you have special break service routes for when school is not in session?

Yes, as long as the University is open. Information on Break Service will be posted before the break begins.

Can I bring my bike onto the bus?

Full size bikes are not allowed on buses. For safety reasons and ensuring proper space onboard for passengers, below are guidelines for mobility devices brought on buses. Examples of mobility devices are electric scooters, folding bikes, skateboards, etc.

  • Acceptable devices must be stowed under a passenger seat.
  • As the bus fills to capacity with passengers, no additional devices may be brought onboard. The passenger with this device may wait for the next bus with ample room.
  • Bikes must fold and be able to be stowed under a passenger seat.

If I'm on campus late at night, how do I get around campus or back home?

Transit Service: See our Night Service page for transit service through midnight.
Corps Escort: The Corps of Cadets provides a free 24-hour escort service. To request an escort simply call the Guard Room (845-6789), and a Corps member will meet the person requesting the escort and walk with him/her to most central on-campus locations (e.g., resident halls, parking lots, etc.)
CARPOOL: The CARPOOL student organization also provides rides. See for more information.

Which bus can I take to get to popular places around town?

Blinn: Route 12
Blinn RELLIS: Route 47
Bryan: Route 12 or Route 15
Bush School: Route 05
HEB: Route 27
Target: Route 27

See Bus Routes

If I’m on the Blinn TEAM, can I still ride the buses?

Yes. Please be prepared to present your Blinn ID.

What if I have a permanent disability and am unable to ride the buses?

All buses are equipped with lifts for wheelchair access and wheelchair restraints. For more information about our accessible services, please visit our Customers with Disabilities page.

Students, faculty and staff may be eligible to ride our paratransit vehicles. For more information and an application visit our Paratransit page.

Alternatively, you may request service from The District.

Where can I find something that I have left on the bus?

Any item left on the bus will be taken the next day to Lost and Found (979.845.1515) located in MSC Room 2240. Please go there to pick it up Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Do you provide shuttle service to the airport?

Yes, Route 07: Airport will take you to Easterwood Airport. It runs Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 7:00pm

There are other alternatives to get to the airport. provides service between Easterwood Airport to George Bush Intercontinental or Hobby (home pick-up available). You may also try several local taxi companies who can provide both in-town and out-of-town service.

How is Transit funded?

Transit services are funded by allocations from the University Advancement Fee.

Knowing that unlimited service to all areas of College Station/Bryan is not economically practical, off-campus routes are designed to serve those areas where the highest concentrations of students live. A Park and Ride was also developed by having a route serve First Baptist Church of College Station, and many students who do not live directly on a route drive a short distance to an area where parking is allowed and catch the bus at the nearest stop. This allows access to all who choose not to purchase a parking permit.

The on-campus service was designed to provide a transportation option to all areas of campus and is available to all. Even those students who choose the parking permit option and drive to campus benefit through reduced traffic and more parking availability.

Why are IDs now required to board off-campus routes and why are Brazos Transit District customers now riding AggieSpirit buses?

Brazos Transit District (The District) and Texas A&M University Transportation Services have a history of cooperation and partnership dating back to 2006. Recently the two entities jointly applied for and were awarded federal grant money. The District used this money to purchase 24 diesel and 3 electric buses for use by Transportation Services. Due to this agreement and to qualify again for federal grant money for future bus purchases, both The District and Transportation Services must honor IDs/passes from each other on both systems.

Students, faculty, and staff possessing a Texas A&M University or Blinn College ID, and members of the general public possessing a Brazos Transit District ID, must be prepared to show their ID to the driver when boarding at off-campus stops.

AggieSpirit Driver FAQs

What are the requirements for becoming a bus driver?

You must have a valid driver's license. You must be a student enrolled for at least nine credit hours at any Texas institution. You must be at least 18 years of age, and you must have two or less moving violations on your driving record within the last three years. See our employment opportunities for more details.

How do I become a bus driver?

Fill out our online application.

What is the starting pay rate for a new student bus driver?

$14 an hour with many opportunities for raises through the Student Employee Pay Plan!