Sustainability Donations

Two accounts have been established at the Texas A&M Foundation to receive tax deductible donations in support of accelerating Sustainable Mobility Transportation efforts on the College Station Texas A&M University campus:

Tesla charging stations

Sustainable Mobility Account

Donate to the Vehicle Transportation fund

Proterra electric bus

Sustainable Public Mobility Account

Donate to the Mass Transportation fund


Allocation of Donated Funds

  1. Donated funds can be used for planning, project management, labor, infrastructure, materials and research-related costs associated with the above projects.
  2. A focus on best available technology is encouraged, as opposed to a strictly low dollar bid competitive approach. Competitive bids are wise, as long as the technology is equally effective.
  3. Donated funds will not be used as a method of lowering normal / regular Texas A&M costs within budgets related to existing facilities and on-going operations.
  4. Appropriate donor recognition, in accordance with Department and University guidelines. No recognition item will be composed primarily of plastic-related material.
  5. In the long term, when all projects listed above have been 100% implemented, donated funds can be used to maintain or improve the Sustainable Mobility Transportation system at the College Station Texas A&M University campus.

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