Sustainable Mobility Initiatives


Sustainable mobility and sustainable public mobility initiatives

Texas A&M University Transportation Services is committed to the use of and conversion to sustainable transportation. Initiatives already in place:

  1. Texas A&M University has 31 electric vehicle charging stations on main campus and 2 on RELLIS campus.
  2. Plans underway to install eight superchargers on campus
    • Funded by contributions to the Sustainable Mobility account for installation of the required infrastructure (January 2021)
    • Identified probable location of superchargers
    • Initiated request for approval from the university‚Äôs Council for the Built Environment (January 2021)
  3. Electric vehicle use within Transportation Services
  4. Three battery electric Proterra transit buses on order with anticipated delivery late May 2021
  5. Commissioned the on-site charging infrastructure for Proterra battery electric buses in January 2021
  6. Evaluated fleet and replaced fossil fuel vehicles with battery electric vehicles in five units

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