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Permit & Rate Information

What do the permit abbreviations stand for? CC – Central Campus Garage
CMP – Campus Permit
CAG – Cain Garage
MC-2ND – Motorcycle in addition to vehicle permit
MOTOR – Motorcycle
NHT – Night
NS – Northside Garage
NSPR – Northside Garage Priority Bay
NSR – Northside Garage Reserved
RET – Retiree
SER – Service
SS – Southside Garage
UC – University Center Garage
UCPR – University Center Garage Priority Bay
UCR – University Center Garage Reserved
UCX – University Center Garage (Undergrads Only)
VN – Vendor
WC – West Campus Garage
WCR – West Campus Garage Resident Student
What are the permit rates this year?

Annual permit rates are prorated. We project permit rate increases are necessary to support the construction of additional parking garages, road and sidewalk maintenance, and surface lot construction and maintenance. The increases will be reviewed each year before implementation. The following rate schedule has been approved by the university administration and is subject to change.

Fee Description 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-24
Garage Permits              
Priority Bay 765 788 811 835 860 886 913
Numbered 663 683 704 725 747 769 792
Unnumbered** 485 500 515 530 546 562 579
Lot Permits              
Surface Lots ** 300 310 319 329 339 349 359
Numbered 584 601 619 638 657 676 696
Gated 389 401 413 425 438 451 465
Motorcycle ** 96 99 102 105 108 111 114
Night ** 96 99 102 105 108 111 114
Special Use Permits              
Business 38 39 41 42 43 44 45
Campus 300 310 319 329 339 349 359
Service 300 310 319 329 339 349 359
Vendor 300 310 319 329 339 349 359
Retiree Free Free          
** available to students (except Central Campus Garage)
All 2019-2020 permits expire 8/7/2020. Customers that need to park for a portion of the year may return the permit any time before July 12, 2020, for a prorated refund. Prorated Permit Rates (NOTE: Customers who return their permit lose their priority as a previous customer. See Assignment Process)

How do A&M rates compare to other large universities? Three surveys have been conducted showing where Texas A&M ranks among other universities across several categories:
Why do I have to pay for parking? There are limits on the university that restrict the use of state or tuition revenues to build, maintain, or operate parking operations on campus. By university policy, Transportation Services must operate as an auxiliary enterprise and all bond indebtedness, maintenance, administration, utilities, and insurance must be paid for with user fees. The primary source of revenue is parking permit sales.
What if I do not have a rear view mirror to hang my permit on? Visit 108 Koldus to request a permit pouch to adhere to the lower right passenger side corner of the windshield.
Do I pick up my permit or will it be mailed? Your permit will be mailed to the address you designate when you register or purchase the permit online. You may not pick up your permit from the Transportation Services office.
How do I renew my business permit? All faculty or staff members who want a Business Permit may request one through their Departmental Parking Representative. Students are not eligible to receive a Business permit. The Departmental Parking Representative is responsible for using the Departmental Permit Registration System to request new or to renew Business permits purchased by the department. See Business Permit Information.
If I purchased my permit online, how do I park until I receive the permit in the mail? Print Your Permit Receipt
  1. Log into My Account
    How do I log in?
  2. In the Permits section, click the maroon permit number link.
  3. Click the permit number link once more.
  4. Click Print.
  5. Print the permit receipt and display it on your dashboard as a temporary permit until you receive your permanent hangtag in the mail.
    NOTE: This receipt (temporary permit) is valid for 14 days from the purchase date. If the permit is for a gated area, you may swipe your Aggie ID at the gate to enter/exit the facility.
Printed Permit Receipts Valid:
July 20–August 16: In Summer Lots ONLY
Beginning August 10: Begin parking in your assigned lot.
What are the permit regulations? A complete set of regulations may be found on the Regulations page. Please remember to hang your permit with the photo facing the front windshield. Permits are the property of Texas A&M University and are only valid if purchased from Transportation Services. Permits may not be resold.

If you no longer need to park on campus, please return your permit to Transportation Services Customer Assistance Center (1250 TAMU or 108 Koldus) to be eligible for a prorated refund. (NOTE: Customers who return their permit lose their priority as a previous customer. (See Assignment Process)

If you park in a designated 12th Man lot, please remember to move your vehicle the evening before home games. Please look at the parking lot sign or visit our Gameday Restrictions section for 12th Man lot locations and alternate parking areas.

Transportation Services is not responsible for damage or loss to vehicle or contents.
What is a Night permit? Night permits are valid from 5pm - 6am daily in the areas designated on the Night Parking Map.

Night permits are not valid during the day except during semester breaks indicated on the Break Parking Map.
Do any permits other than the Night permit convey night privileges? Yes, all valid TAMU parking permits may park from 5 pm – 6 am and on weekends in any non-restricted space in any lots other than paid parking areas and ones with residential priority (Lot 30, Lot 40, 99 and Lot 122).
Are there any areas other than my assigned lot where my permit is valid during the day?

Yes, your permit is valid in several other lots during the day. Visit our website for the Any Valid Permit Map.

NOTE: Night permits are ONLY valid at night, and are not valid in any lot prior to 5 pm, except during semester breaks.

What permits are available after registration? Motorcycle and Night permits, like other permits, are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but we normally do not sell out of these. To check current availability of these and any other permits, log in to My Account.
See also Missed Registration
If I already have a vehicle permit, can I purchase a Motorcycle permit? If you purchase a full-price, annual, vehicle permit (not a night permit), a Motorcycle permit is available for purchase at half price. If the Motorcycle permit is not requested along with the vehicle permit during registration (April 10 - July 10, 2019), you must bring your picture ID to 108 Koldus to purchase the half price permit.