About Parking

Transportation Services was created to provide comprehensive supervision and coordination of all parking, transportation and traffic-related functions on the Texas A&M University campus.

The Parking area consists of the Administrative Offices for Transportation Services, Parking Enforcement and Controlled Access Facilities. The Administrative branch includes cashiers, customer service representatives and administrative staff. Parking Enforcement consists of more than 50 officers who monitor traffic and parking on campus. Controlled Access Facilities monitors and maintains all of the garages and gated lots on campus.

Parking maintains over 35,000 parking spaces and five parking garages on the Texas A&M University Campus to meet the needs of faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors. The university assumes no liability for the security of or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked in areas of university jurisdiction.

Permit holders should be aware that at certain times their lot may be restricted. These times include, but are not limited to, days when special events bring large numbers of visitors to campus such as home football games, graduation, move-in/move-out, Parents Weekend, as well as times when Transportation Services parking services staff are not on duty. There is no proration for the permit for these exceptions.

Lots are reserved for vehicles with specific permits as indicated by numbered signs.

A direct phone line is available to the Parking dispatch office. All calls regarding violations of numbered spaces, parking lots, disabled vehicles, vehicles booted or towed, should be directed to 979.845.0057. Dispatch hours may be found on our contact page. Enforcement services are not available when university offices are officially closed.