Parking Facts & Figures

What is the total number of parking spaces on the Texas A&M University campus?

As of the beginning of FY2016 there are 37,330 parking spaces distributed over 151 parking lots and five parking garages.

Parking Lots and Spaces chart

Permit Data garage permit counts and counts by class

How many areas can students park in?

There are 55 lots and 5 garages. Some areas are more than one lot (es. lot 100 has 11 lots). There are 21,928 spaces available for student purchase.

How many disabled parking spaces are on campus?

Disabled spaces are calculated using ADA rules. ADA rules say that each lot is required to follow the chart, however we have several lots that are remote from any buildings, thus we adjust by over-allocating disabled spaces in some lots closer to buildings. For example, lot 35, the disabled spaces on Asbury and Spence and lot 102. We have almost 900 disabled spaces on campus.

How many timed spaces are on campus?


What is the average parking spot width?

9 feet

What is the history of permit prices at Texas A&M University?

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How do A&M University parking permit rates compare to other large universities?

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How many parking services officers are on-duty at one time?

Approximately 15-18 officers regulate parking per shift, and there are 2 shifts per day.

How do parking services officers determine which area to monitor at what time?

The campus is divided up into a grid, and each officer is assigned a section of the grid.

How are the 30 minute parking areas monitored, and how often are they checked?

Each officer is responsible for the 30 minute parking area in his or her section of the campus grid. When parking areas are checked initially, the officer enters the information about the vehicles parked in the area into a handheld unit. After about 30-40 minutes have elapsed, the officer returns to the parking area and re-enters information about the vehicles in the parking area into the handheld unit, which indicates which ones are in violation of the area's time limit. The order in which the officer visits the parking areas in his or her section of the campus grid is left to the officer's discretion.

How many citations are written each month and what are the citation types?

Citation counts by month, class, and location Citation Data (PDF)

T01 No Valid Permit
T02 Unauthorized Area
T03 Improper Parking
T04 Time Violation
T05 Bike Lane Violation
T07 Warning No Fine
T08 Fire Lane/Hydrant
T09 Handicap Violation
T10 Relocate or Release Vehicle
T11 Tow Warning Notice
T14 Failure to Remove Vehicle for
T15 Overnight Parking in Visitor Are
T17 Forged/Altered/Lost /Stolen Perm
T18 Property Damage
T19 No Money Violation
T20 Pay by Space Violation
T21 Property Damage $250
T22 Property Damage $500
T23 Motorist Assistance

Which citations are most often appealed?

Top 4 appealed violations (89.63% of all appeals)
No Valid Permit (3,642)
Unauthorized Area (1,547)
Improper Parking (706)
Time Violation (648)

What are the 20 most common locations for appeals?

Lot Total Appeal Count
Lot 72 812
Lot 104 634
NSG Visitor Level 625
Lot 100 567
Lot 51 338
Lot 30 282
Lot 122 246
Lot 55 245
Lot 61 219
Lot 32 183
Lot 54 180
Lot 74 172
Lot 50 161
Lot 36 135
Lot 48 133
Lot 40 107
Lot 62 103
Lot 97 99
Lot 88 95
Lot 99 88
Golf Lot 79