Parking Garages

The parking garages serve faculty, staff, students and visitors. Parking garage spaces are for automobiles only. Trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, scooters (motorized or un-motorized), skates, skateboards and longboards are prohibited in all parking garages, steps and ramps. For the safety of all garage parkers, the speed limit in all garages is 10 mph, and the traffic flow is designated as one-way. Automobiles must be parked within the boundaries of the authorized parking space and parked head-in.

Permit holders should be aware that at certain times their assigned area or space may not be reserved. These times include, but are not limited to, days when special events bring large numbers of visitors to campus such as home football games, graduation, move-in/move-out, or Family Weekend.

Using campus parking facilities for any purpose other than what they are intended is prohibited. No recreational activity may occur within parking lots or garages, including stairwells, without prior authorization from Transportation Services. Transportation Services reserves the right of refusal for any activity. Vehicles parked in violation of these rules may be ticketed or removed at the vehicle owner's expense. Transportation Services reserves the right to refuse the allocation of a garage space to oversized vehicles or to relocate any vehicle in the garage when deemed necessary. For questions, please contact Customer Assistance at 979.862.7275 (PARK) or email .

The parking garages use a card-key system to control access to restricted spaces or areas. Permits, access cards, or Aggie ID cards for all parking garages must be used in sequence at each level or entry gate of the facility (Help for Garage Access). Failure to use an access card in the proper sequence will cause deactivation of the card.

Garage parking is assigned from a waitlist and sold on an annual basis. Waitlists are cleared after the final waitlist move of the permit year. Consult the Waitlist Calendar for waitlist move dates. Customers should register online to be added to the waitlist. When the customer's name comes to the top of the list he or she will be notified by email to his or her University (NEO) email account. The garage parking space should be purchased by the deadline indicated in the email notification or the customer's name will be dropped from the waitlist.

Assigned Area by Permit type

Numbered Spaces:

Numbered space parking is on the second and third levels of the Northside Garage and the University Center Garage.

Unnumbered Spaces:

Unnumbered parking spaces begin on the third level of the Northside and University Center Garages.

Persons who have garage permits are required to park in their assigned area or space of their designated garage and may not park on the visitor level unless paying the hourly fee. Customers who pay the hourly rate to park on the visitor level but receive a citation for unauthorized area may provide a copy of the paid receipt to a cashier located in Polo Rd. Building, Suite 350 to request the citation be excused.

Garage Access Procedure

Help for Garage Access

Garage Clearance Levels

Central Campus Garage 6' 8"
Gene Stallings Blvd. Garage 8' 2"
Northside Garage 7' 0"
Polo Rd. Garage 8' 2"
Southside Garage 7' 0"
University Center Garage 6' 9"
West Campus Garage 8' 0" – 1st level
7' 0" – all other levels

Elevator Emergency Protocols

In case of entrapment, activate the emergency phone inside the cab and speak with the dispatcher at the communications center – this automatically supplies your location so the issue can be accurately dispatched – you can then expect a technician to arrive within about 30 minutes to work on releasing you from the elevator – do not try to get out of the elevator on your own – the safest place for you under the circumstances is inside the elevator cab.

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