Gameday Parking For RV Customers with Disabilities

Designated disabled RV parking spaces are for the exclusive use of RV vehicles displaying county-issued disabled hangtags or disabled license plates.

Transportation Services is committed to providing programs and services that ensure compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements contained in section 35.107 of the Department of Justice regulations. Information concerning the provisions contained and the rights provided within the Americans with Disabilities Act are available below.

Transportation Services is committed to providing programs and services that do not discriminate on the basis of disability and visitors to the Texas A&M University campus are always welcome.

Transportation Services provides gameday RV parking accommodations for disabled visitors in Aggie RV Park. These spaces are on a space available basis. Payment is required and the fee for parking in this lot is listed on the RV Parking page at Gameday RV parking permits for Aggie RV Park may be available online through My Account.

After a regular RV permit for Aggie RV Park is purchased you must contact Transportation Services at 979.862.2551 to request one of the disabled RV parking spaces. You will be asked to provide proof of eligibility for disabled parking privileges. You may call 979-862-2551 in advance of your purchase to confirm ADA spaces are still available. Please note that should all other spaces be sold in the lot, disabled spaces may be made available as non-ADA spaces. Individuals who park in disabled RV spaces must display the county-issued disabled hangtag (or disabled license plate affixed in the designated location on the vehicle) and adhere the game day RV parking permit to their RV’s front windshield or primary door. Unauthorized parking in disabled parking spaces or blocking disable access ramps or lanes is a violation for which persons will be issued a $160 citation.

The disabled hangtag or disabled license plate must be issued in the name of the disabled person utilizing the vehicle parked in a disabled RV space. Disabled placards, driver’s license, identification card and similar information must be provided upon request by a Transportation Services Special Events representative, uniformed Parking Services Officer or University Police Officer in order to demonstrate proof of eligibility for disabled parking privileges.

Companions who drive for disabled individuals may utilize designated disabled RV parking spaces only when the individual with the disabling condition accompanies them. It is a violation of parking regulations for a companion to drop a disabled passenger at another site and park in a disabled RV space in Aggie RV Park. Companions parking in disabled spaces must display the disabled individual's county-issued hangtag or be driving the individual's vehicle with a disabled license plate, in addition to the Texas A&M University RV parking permit. Violators are subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Please note disabled/decorated veterans are not exempt from paying special event parking rates, including home football game day RV parking fees.