How to Ride Guide

Texas A&M University does not collect fares when boarding any AggieSpirit bus. Individuals meeting the following criteria may board any AggieSpirit bus from any Texas A&M bus stop on or off campus:

  • Students, faculty and staff possessing a Texas A&M University or Blinn College ID
  • Members of the general public possessing a Brazos Transit District ID
  • Individuals without an ID will be allowed to ride and given information on how to obtain an approved ID

All service dates and times are subject to change. Service may change during holidays, breaks, nights and weekends. Please check the Leave Times & Maps page for specific leave times.

All buses are equipped with lifts for wheelchair access and wheelchair restraints. For more information about our accessible services, please visit our Customers with Disabilities page.

  Bus routes

Quick Tips

  • Visit the Leave Times & Maps page for updated maps and leave times
  • Decide which route you must take and the closest stop to you
  • Wait for the bus at a designated AggieSpirit bus stop
  • Have your Texas A&M, Blinn or Brazos Transit District ID ready to show the driver when boarding our buses at off-campus stops.
  • Enter through the front doors
  • Exit through the rear doors
  • Bus does not stop at all stops
  • Let the driver know you need off by pulling the cord

How to Get Around

First you must know what route you need to take to get you to your destination. Please check the Leave Times & Maps page for route maps or call 979-847-7433 (RIDE) and they will assist you with finding the proper route and destination.

bus stop sign

Next go to the nearest AggieSpirit bus stop to your location. Passenger pick-up and drop off occurs ONLY at designated AggieSpirit bus stops. Make sure the proper route number is displayed on the sign at which you are waiting. For an example see the bus routes sign image.

Make sure you arrive at the bus stop with plenty of time before the next scheduled leave time as the bus will only pick you up if you are waiting at a designated AggieSpirit bus stop.

When the bus arrives please enter the bus through the front doors only.

Have a seat if available, relax and watch for your destination. If you are standing, stand behind the yellow line in the front of the bus and never stand or sit in the stairwells of the bus.

AggieSpirit buses DO NOT stop at every bus stop on their designated routes. Let the driver know you want off at the next designated bus stop by either pulling the Stop Request cord or pushing the yellow tape (whichever is present on that bus) after the bus leaves or passes the designated stop immediately before the one you desire the driver to stop at. Please pay attention so that you do not miss your stop. Once the bus has pulled away from a stop the driver is not permitted to let passengers on or off for safety reasons.

When you exit the bus check around for any belongings you brought with you as Transportation Services is not responsible for items left on the bus. Exit the bus through the rear doors only. After exiting the bus walk behind the bus and use the crosswalk to cross the street.

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