University Vehicle Branding Guidelines

All vehicles owned or leased by a state agency are required to meet state guidelines, including the following:

  • The official having control of a state-owned motor vehicle shall have printed on each side of the vehicle the word "Texas," followed by the title of the state agency having custody of the vehicle.
  • The inscription must be in a color sufficiently different from the body of the motor vehicle so that the lettering is plainly legible at a distance of not less than 100 feet.
  • The title of the state agency must be in letters not less than two inches high.

Vehicle wraps are permitted but must also comply with state guidelines. Artwork for vehicle wraps should be approved by the agencies marketing and communications department. Cost of material and installation is the responsibility of the department, school, or agency.

Please see below for additional guidelines for university and system vehicles.

Branding for Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University Departments & Colleges

According to university branding guidelines, all Texas A&M University school and department vehicles must display the primary university mark in university brand maroon for light-colored vehicles and in white on dark-colored vehicles.

Optional unit and subunit below primary mark

Schools and departments may request to use their name below the primary university mark. The name must follow the following guidelines:

  • must fit on one or two lines
  • use 150pt Open Sans font
  • be in the same color as the primary university mark
  • use title case (as opposed to all caps, etc.)

Primary Mark with optional College and Department Primary Mark with optional College and Department

Please visit the university's Brand Guide for more information on Texas A&M University branding.

Branding for System Agencies and Schools

Texas A&M University System vehicles are not required to meet university branding standards but should comply with their own agency's or school's branding standards. All vehicles are required to meet state guidelines.