Fleet Services has a modern repair facility capable of engine and transmission rebuilds and all other repairs associated with automotive, heavy equipment and small engines.

Since Fleet Services has been designated the responsibility of state reporting on all Texas A&M University vehicles, maintenance purchased for Texas A&M University vehicles must be purchased from the Fleet Services facility located on Agronomy Road. If Fleet Services is not able to perform the work in a timely manner, then Fleet Services will be responsible for subletting the work. For more information see Texas A&M University Rule 21.01.08.M0.01 University Owned Motor Vehicles.

Preventative Maintenance

The State Fleet Management Plan requires that all state vehicles be on a Preventive Maintenance Program. Fleet Services is responsible for maintaining the program and scheduling for all Texas A&M University vehicles for routine Preventive Maintenance (PM) appointments. PM appointments are scheduled at least twice a year, about every six months. Vehicles routinely accruing high mileage between appointments (5,000 or more) may be scheduled more often.

The scheduling supervisor will work with vehicle custodians to schedule Texas A&M University vehicles for PMs throughout the year. Every effort will be made to provide a convenient date and flexible drop-off time. Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If it becomes necessary to re-schedule an appointment, departments should call (979) 845-7121. Cancellations should be made 48-hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Mechanic workdays are planned according to the daily appointment schedules. Therefore, a charge may be assessed for missed appointments.

Under no circumstances should departments ignore PM checkups. Ignoring PM check-ups is a safety issue that could result in a serious accident or loss of property.

Departments are responsible for adhering to all vehicle state inspections. Departments will be notified when state inspections are due. Inspections are performed at Fleet Services. Customers are welcome to bring vehicles in at any time during the inspection month. Inspections may be performed while you wait.