Fleet Fueling State Regulations

In order to purchase fuel from the Transportation Center, please visit the Fleet Services to get a fuel key for your vehicle.

Distribution "A" from William B. Krumm dated February 24, 1998:

State Reporting

Vernon’s Ann. Civ. St. art. 601b, Sec. 14.03.(a) requires the establishment of a vehicle reporting system for managing state-owned on-road vehicle fleets. It also requires all state-owned vehicles to be alternately fueled unless a waiver is filed, approved and updated as necessary. The Transportation Center has been designated responsible for filing the required reports with the General Services Commission. Effective April 1, 1998, all departments are to be in compliance with following guidelines:

  1. Departmentally owned vehicles are to register with the Transportation Center to be entered into the State reporting database. The Transportation Center will verify that departmentally owned vehicles are in compliance with state alternative fuel regulations or will assist departments by applying for waivers.
  2. Fuel purchased within Bryan-College Station is to be purchased from the Transportation Center located on Agronomy Road. Fuel purchases outside the Bryan-College Station area are to be made with fuel cards issued by the Transportation Center. (See "State Fuel Cards" below.)
  3. Maintenance is to be purchased from the Transportation Center located on Agronomy Road. If the Transportation Center is not able to perform the work in a timely manner, the Center will be responsible for sub-letting the work.
  4. The Transportation Center is to be notified of any fueling sites owned or operated by departments.

State Fuel Cards

The Council on Competitive Government has mandated that all state agencies implement a fuel card program. In an effort to meet state reporting requirements, the Transportation Center has been designated responsibility for administering the program.

The first contact to register vehicles and fueling sites or to arrange for fuel cards should be made by email to fleet@tamu.edu. If email is not available, you may call 979.862.8662.